There’s no such thing as an immortal lawn, just immortal weeds…

Unfortunately lawns don’t last forever – sometimes the condition becomes so poor it is more cost effective to start again with a newly seeded or turfed lawn than carrying out repairs. If you are not sure if your lawn is beyond repair, the experts at UK Lawn Care Network are always happy to offer free analysis as it is sometimes surprising how we can bring a lawn back to good health with our annual lawn care plan and renovation treatments – yes, we are that good…

However, if your lawn has got to the point of no return you could lay a new lawn by purchasing everything you need from a reputable turf supply company such as or any other TGA (Turf Growers Association) certified turf grower or if you would rather let the professionals do it reputable landscaping companies have the expertise and specialist machinery to do the job effortlessly.

turf boards

Here is our guide to help you determine if your lawn might need replacing:

    • Is the lawn very thin with so little grass you can see the soil underneath?
    • Is the lawn mainly weeds or mainly grass? Most weeds can be selectively killed but would that leave much grass left afterwards?
    • Has the existing lawn failed due to compacted or poor soil quality? If so these issues should be addresses prior to laying a new lawn.
    • Has the lawn suffered from a grub infestation such as Leather Jackets or Chafer Grubs, if so the lawn might need replacing?
    • Does your lawn have an extremely high volume of thatch? A lawn with too much surface or sub-surface thatch may be very old and need replacing.
    • Have pets or children caused high wear?
    • Does the lawn contain a high amount of weed grasses which look unsightly? Weed grasses are impossible to control selectively therefore a total kill-off might be the only answer.
    • Does your lawn suffer from shade? Lawns in shady gardens often required regular re-turfing or seeding
    • Is your lawn prone to becoming water-logged? If so consider installing land drains before a new lawn is laid.
    • Is your existing lawn uneven, maybe it was not laid well in the first place? Correct soil preparation and a new lawn will be the answer.


If laying a new lawn seems a bit daunting, a professionally laid lawn from turf is not as expensive as you might think. Reputable landscaping companies can provide you with a tailor made new lawn that any gardener would be proud of…