Wildflower Advice

The Lawn Store supply a wide range of Wildflower seed mixtures which will create a beautiful wildflower meadow or wildflower oasis in your garden. Wildflowers bring biodiversity into your garden and will support native birds, butterflies, bees and many other garden insects. A wildflower area or border is also an attractive contrast against a formal lawn. Wildflower seeds can be sown during the spring, summer or autumn providing there is adequate moisture and temperature for successful germination. The Lawn Store wildflower seed mixtures include a wide range of annual wildflower seeds which need to be sown every year but offer a splendid array of colour or perennial native and non-native wildflower mixtures which flower year after year once established.

Articles to help you have the best wildflower lawn

Wildflower Seeded Meadow Sowing & Maintenance Guide

Forward planning and an ongoing wildflower management programme is critical for success. Seeding Preparation Prep Stage 1 For success when sowing a wildflower meadow it is vitally important that the area to be seeded must be totally free of weeds and grass prior to...

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How to lay and maintain Wildflower Turf

Using Wildflower turf is the most successful way of creating a wildflower meadow in your garden. Soil preparation is exactly the same as if you were going to sow a wildflower meadow from seed but wildflower turf has the advantage of providing an instant wildflower...

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Wildflower turf – How to create a wildflower area

Where the wild things are… Wildflower turf is fast becoming a `must have’ feature of any garden and is the perfect way to bring biodiversity into your garden. Once you have installed even the smallest area of wildflower turf into your garden scheme, you will amazed...

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