At The Lawn Store we offer our own special blends of safe to use organic or semi-organic lawn and garden fertilisers. You can order your fertiliser directly online and we will supply to you directly via the mail network.

Having been in the lawn business for over 25 years we know exactly what type of nutrient is sustainable and good for your lawn. Fertiliser is an important factor when maintaining a healthy lawn, but it is all too easy to apply the wrong type of product at the wrong time of year and cause damage to your lawn. We supply a great range of spring, summer, autumn and pre-seed/turf fertiliser products which are safe and easy to use and can be applied by hand or by using our handheld applicator. At The Lawn Store we believe a gentle blend of regularly applied organic or semi-organic nutrient will help to keep your lawn lush, green and healthy for the long-term.

If you are a trade customer please contact us at info@thelawnstore.co.uk to activate a trade discount account.

We explain about the range of fertilisers available in our store and give advice on how to apply them.