Grass Seed Advice

The Lawn Store supplies a full range of lawn & sports grass seed. DLF Masterline Pro Master professional range of grass seed is available in 20 Kg bags as well as a selection of domestic Turfline grass seed available in smaller packs. In our professional range our bestseller is Pro Master 50 Hard wearing grass seed which is a good hard wearing rye/fescue amenity mixture or Pro Master 20 Fine Turf seed which is perfect for fine lawn or fine sports surfaces. For shady areas we have Pro Master 60 Green Shade grass seed and for horse paddocks we have Horsemax Paddock grass seed. For small lawn repairs our domestic grass seed range includes Turfline Multi-purpose lawn seed, Turfline Tough lawn seed and Turfline Finest lawn seed.

Articles to help you have the best lawn from seed

How to sow a new lawn from seed

Sowing a new lawn from seed is a great way of creating a cost effective lawn, but it important to consider the time of year you are doing it, carry out correct preparation and be patient as the lawn establishes over several months. Lawn Seeding can be done by...

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How to repair your lawn with seed

So if the grass is greener on the other side should I be taking more care of my own grass? The most simple and efficient way to repair damaged or worn patches in your lawn is to use grass seed. The first thing you need to do is to measure the size of the areas which...

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