Semi Organic Spring & Summer Lawn Fertiliser 5kg


50% Organic pre-seed/pre-turf fertiliser from The Lawnstore. 5kg bag.  Covers 100-150 square meters.

Contains a blend of fine chicken manure and slow release coated fertiliser.

Apply at 25-35grams per metre at 10-12 week intervals March – August.


50% Organic 50% non-organic Lawn & Garden Fertiliser 19-1-2.5. Sold in 5kg bags.

Slow release lawn fertiliser for your garden.  Feeds lawns as a safe environmentally friendly semi-organic fertiliser.

It will condition the soil and provide all the plant food and nutrients your lawn requires.

Low scorch potential.

Application Rates

Apply with a granular spreader (see our handy green spreader).

One 5kg bag will treat up to 150-200 square metres for lawns (25-35 grams/m2).

For best results apply when lawn grass is actively growing.

Price £18.00 inc vat & del

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

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