Living on the edge…

A really great way to give your lawn a professional look is to ensure the edges are perfectly trimmed and sharp, however maintaining manicured lawn edges can be painstaking and time consuming due to constant trimming. In addition flower beds can lose their shape over time and lawn edges can become uneven.

To save yourself the task of repeated trimming (which can be as soul-destroying as weeding) why not keep your lawn in perfect shape using steel lawn edgings.

A simple solution to maintaining clean and permanent garden edges, supply and install flexible steel lawn and landscaping edging available in many different sizes and styles. Natural rusty, galvanised or powder coated in a variety of colours, this product will last for decades. Lawn Edgings can be bent or curved to virtually any shape and will look  incredible for years to come.

Edged lawn
Lawn also install heavy duty steel edgings for driveways which are strong enough to be driven over and last the test of time.