Robomow Frequently Asked Questions

The way we approach mowing has not really changed much for decades – until now that is… The Lawn store are proud to be suppliers & installers of Robomow. The latest range of Robomow can mow lawns up to 3500 square metres in size (that is almost an acre).

Robomow have been producing robotic mowers since 1995 and the latest range have proved to be one of the strongest, fastest and reliable on the market. Unique features include an edging mode, smart phone app, stainless steel blades and modular design.

We are able to deliver Robomow throughout the UK.

How easy is it to set up?

Robomow is very easy to set up by following the step by step instructions in the manual which is provided. Most people with basic DIY skills can set up Robomow. You do not need any special qualifications as the base station to Robomow is plugged in to a standard house hold 3 pin electrical socket. We do offer an installation service if required.

How long is the warranty?

3 years on all UK distributed Robomow models.

How does Robomow recharge?

Robomow has lithium batteries which recharge every time it goes back into its base station. It is programmed to know when it needs a recharge.

How does the robomow know where to mow?

During installation a low voltage perimeter wire is pegged around the edge of the lawn and flowerbeds which ensures Robomow only mows where you want it to. Separate zones are set up for gardens with more than one lawn.

Does it mow right to the edge of flowerbeds?

Yes Robomow has a unique off-set configuration which allows it to mow right up to the edge of flowerbeds

Is it safe for pets and children?

Yes, Robomow has sensors which automatically instantly stops it and allows it to change direction if it bumps into anything.

There are lots of models – how do I choose the right one for my garden?

You need to measure your lawn to determine the size, this can be done manually or by entering your postcode into this measuring tool Robomow has 6 models which can cope with lawns from 0 – 3500 square metres. Choose the one which is correct for your lawn size.

Does it store/compact the cut grass? How often does it need to be emptied?

Robomow does not collect grass. Because it mows 6 times per week the grass never gets long enough to produce noticeable clippings. In fact Robomow will improve the quality of your lawn because lawns love being mowed regularly. The very fine clippings which go back into the lawn sward are beneficial to your lawn.

What happens in the rain?

Robomow has an adjustable rain sensor and returns to its base station when it rains.

Can you set it to mow remotely?

Yes, Robomow is programmed to mow your lawn automatically at times that suit you. You can easily adjust mowing times and frequency from the Robomow app which is loaded onto your smart phone or tablet. A GSM module can be added as an extra item should you wish to receive alerts or want to make adjustments from anywhere.

What happens to Robomow during the winter?

When the grass stops growing in the autumn Robomow should be cleaned and stored in doors and the battery charged once every 3 months. The base station stays outside.