Oak Sleepers Advice

Green Oak Timber Facts

  • Oak sleepers have many uses in landscaping such as retaining walls, steps, decking, raised beds, lintels, pergolas and gazebos.
  • Oak products, unlike treated softwood products, are a very long lasting organic product.
  • Oak products are extremely strong and versatile and look fantastic as they age.
  • Our prices are very competitive and, when compared to treated softwood, the choice of oak is a great choice.

Types and Grades

All of our oak sleepers are good quality ‘Green Oak’ landscaping sleepers. Our oak products are not kiln dried or treated with preservatives unless otherwise stated.

Grade A’ sleepers are our best quality landscaping sleepers which means they have four square edges and few defects.

Grade B’ sleepers are still good quality but may have one or two slightly rounded edges but will always have two square edges.


Freshly cut oak sleepers are a golden brown colour and turn a more of a silver/grey as they age.

A blotchy blue tannin will appear from the timber during the first twelve months as it seasons naturally. This is normal.


Oak sleepers are very versatile and strong which makes them ideal for many aspects of garden landscaping. Compared to softwood alternatives, oak sleepers are heavy and can weigh up to 100 kgs depending on size. Two people are required to lift a sleeper.


We supply various sizes and lengths ranging from 1.2 metres to 2.6 metres in length. Typical dimensions are either 100×200 mm or 125×225 mm.

Delivery Options

We have a national delivery network, the delivery method depends on the size of the load.

For small amounts (under 40 sleepers), we will deliver using the nationwide pallet network (with no forklift offload) which means that you will have to be on-hand to receive the manually handled delivery as the delivery driver will not be able to assist.

For larger loads, we can offer crane or forklift off-loading.

If you are not sure about your delivery method, please give us a call on 01722 744681 – we love to chat!

Trade Enquiries

Please contact us if you are a trade customer as we would love to offer a competitive quote for your next project.

Oak Boards

Oak timber boards are available in different sizes and can be used for path edgings, lawn edgings, timber cladding, fencing, low raised beds and garden planters.

Oak Raised bed Kits

Our range of oak raised bed kits are a simple way of creating an instant raised planter or vegetable plot.  All of our garden raised beds are easy to deliver as they fit on a single pallet and come in half-jointed sections which are simple to fix together with our Carpenters Mate corrosion proof screws and drive tool which are supplied with every kit.  We also sell raised bed kits with an option of a 1 tonne dumpy bag of good quality raised bed soil, which means you will have your garden planted up in no time at all.  Raised Bed Kits come in various sizes including square, oblong and hexagon and you can choose how high you want them to be by simply adding more layers.

Fixing and Cutting Oak Sleepers

Oak sleepers are hardwood and, therefore, most types of fixings require drilled pilot holes prior to screwing in place. We recommend either using stainless steel screws or ‘Timberlok’ screws. Mild steel or zinc plated screws are not suitable because they will corrode in oak.

We supply a wide range of corrosion resistant fixings and accessories from our Carpenters Mate range of screws and fixings.  Because oak is corrosive to regular mild steel fixings it is important to use our corrosion proof screws such as Carpenters Mate Hex Head screws which make fixing oak products very easy as the screw packs come with a free drive tool to fit your drill, which means no pre-drilling, they just wind straight in, even for the toughest jobs such as when fixing our largest railway size oak sleepers. We also sell oak pegs which are a very attractive way of fixing oak products.

We keep our oak stocks plentiful as it’s in continuous high demand, if you have any questions regarding our oak products please drop us a phone call or contact us using our online contact form.